The United States has the finest universities in the world. Academic excellence is well valued in traditional disciplines as well as in the professional fields. Foreign students can have the chance to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in virtually all areas of learning. American degrees are also highly regarded by global companies seeking for excellent personnel.

US universities are recognized for the superior quality of teaching and research. Among the developed countries in the world, USA is the leading destination for international education. According to UNESCO statistics, there are 3.42 million international students in 2009, and 20% of these students have pursued higher education in the United States.

The higher education system in the US is varied and versatile. There are numerous universities and colleges offering varied courses and programs. Thus, if you are looking for an academic institution to pursue your study in a particular area – no matter how specific or unusual – you can easily find several options in the US. Most degree programs could be tailored for your certain needs. When you need to choose subjects for your independent research, you can bring up ideas that are essential for you, your career, and your homeland.

American universities are among the world’s bests when it comes to utilizing cutting edge technology for education. The government encourages universities and colleges to provide students the most superior facilities and equipment to develop learning. Even if the study area is not directly involved in technology, you can gain training in using the most advanced technology to access information.

Foreign students are well valued by academic institutions in the US because of the unique culture and perspective that they could share in the classroom and in research. Most degree programs in the US provide training that offers the chance to international students to be part of the teaching staff or research teams.

Most universities in the US have special departments catered to help foreign students to live and thrive in their new learning and social environment. From course orientation to student loans, you can seek assistance from people in charge with student affairs.

Your academic and career goals can be achieved by studying in the United States. You can have a chance to harness your skills, gain different perspective, and earn an American degree that is highly in demand with global companies.