Welding And Fabrication

Welding is defined as the process of joining metals together, which is precisely what you will master when you enroll in the Welding/Fabrication program. In particular you will learn about the different positions in welding – flat, horizontal, vertical and … More details

Other Trades

Aside from automotive trades, industrial trades and construction trades, there are other trades that you can join, and there are also specialized programs that you can enroll in to prepare you for them. Examples of these programs include baking, with … More details

Marine Technology And Captain

The Marine Technology/Captain program prepares you for a career on board a ship, whether a ship that transports commercial goods, a ship that transports passengers, a cruise ship, a fishing vessel or a research vessel. You will start by learning … More details

Electronic And Computer Technology

If you want to study computers in depth, then you should go for a program in Computer Science or Programming or one of the programs offered under the Information Technology department. If you just want to be able to master … More details

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts prepares you for a career in the professional kitchen, whether as a sauté chef, fish chef, fry chef, grill chef, vegetable chef, roast chef, pastry chef, a line cook or even a kitchen assistant. In particular, you … More details

Craftsman Trades

A craftsman is defined as a person who specializes in a specific craft or trade. In the past, craftsmen were also called artisans who were held in high regard and belonged to various esteemed guilds. Today, few of these guilds … More details


If your dream is to work in a salon or have a career in beauty treatment, the Cosmetology program is designed especially for you. In this program, you will be trained in the various areas of beauty treatment, such as … More details

Construction Trades

In order to become a construction worker, you need to enroll in the Construction Trades program, which basically covers the skills required by the different trades in construction, including carpentry, bricklaying, flooring, iron working, masonry, plumbing, pipe fitting, insulation, roofing, … More details

Construction Management

The Construction Management program takes the fundamentals of business management and applies them to a construction setting, taking you step by step in the management of a construction project from its planning and inception phase to its completion. In particular, … More details

CDL And Heavy Equipment Operation And Repair

CDL/Heavy Equipment Operation/Repair programs are trade skills programs which teach you how to operate and repair trucks and heavy equipment used in construction. You will start by being introduced into the trade such as the heavy equipment trade or the … More details