Social Work

As a social worker, you will be involving yourself in the lives of others, particularly in the lives of children and women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, in the lives of children who are in foster … More details

Public Administration

The Public Administration program is for those who want to work in government, either as civil servants or political leaders. Its core courses include administrative law, public sector programs, land use policy, relationships between the public and private sectors and … More details


Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior, which is what the Psychology program focuses on, breaking it down into interesting courses such as behavioral research, child development, adolescent development, adult development, personality, human sexuality, learning and memory, marriage … More details


If you have always wanted to help other people by giving them advice and guidance or simply emotional support in their times of distress, you’ll want to look into the Counseling program which allows you to do just that. The … More details

Child Development

Child Development programs focus on the early years of a person’s life, which is when most of the development, whether physical, intellectual, emotional or social, occur. In this program, some of the courses you take will be courses from the … More details

Social Services Programs

In a nutshell, Social Services programs train students to work in the social services sector, where they will be tasked with using their knowledge of the social sciences, particularly psychology and sociology, to provide services which aim to improve the … More details