Web Development And Internet

Web Development/Internet programs are also sometimes called Web Design and Web Applications, but these all have the same purpose, which is to teach you how to design web pages and develop web applications in order to help other people effectively … More details

Technical Support

Technical Support programs train you for a role in the IT helpdesk department, which is an important role since you will be dealing with answering questions from customers and assisting them in resolving various computer issues so that they will … More details

Networking And Security

The Networking/Security program is for those who want to become network administrators, or professionals in charge of managing information networks, whether in residential or commercial settings. In this program, you will start off with the basics of computer science, programming … More details

Information Systems

Information Systems programs combine various aspects of Information Technology in order to enable you to manage an extensive system of information within an organization, be it a corporation, school, hospital, government department or non-profit community agency. In particular, you will … More details

Database Administration

Every organization has its data, which is currently largely in digital form, and in order to make this data organized and easily accessible, it needs to be collected into a database, which needs to be managed and updated regularly. As … More details

Computer Science And Programming

Computer Science/Programming can be offered as a single program with two majors or as two separate programs. Computer Science deals with the scientific aspect of Information Technology, such as its underlying principles, structures and various theories, in particular teaching you … More details

ALL information technology programs

Information Technology, defined as the science of using computers to store, transmit and manipulate information, plays an important role in modern society, which can be evidenced by the large number of information technology jobs available in both public and private … More details