Veterinary Studies

Enrolling in the Veterinary Studies program puts you on the right track to being a veterinarian, teaching you everything you need to know about how to care for the health of animals, both wild animals in the zoo setting and … More details

Public Health

The Public Health program is offered as a postgraduate program for those who seek a higher administrative post in the healthcare sector which deals with preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting good health practices. The program is divided into seven … More details

Physical Therapy And Respiratory Therapy

Physical therapists and respiratory therapists are healthcare professionals you often see in hospitals who often wear different-colored uniforms to indicate their specialty, which, in the case of physical therapy is the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered from injuries or … More details


Pharmacy is the science that deals with the use of pharmaceutical drugs and this is what the Pharmacy program is mostly about, teaching you about the chemical structures, properties and mechanisms of actions of drugs across various classes, including specific … More details


The Nursing program provides you with extensive information and training in order to work as a nurse, a healthcare professional tasked with taking care of patients by simply nurturing them, helping administer their treatment, teaching them more about health or … More details


In order to become a doctor, you have to undergo extensive education and training, starting with a pre-Medicine program, the actual Medicine program and then a specialized internship and residency training, which is even followed by regular postgraduate seminars. Of … More details

Medical Technologist

A medical technologist, also known as a biomedical scientist or a clinical lab specialist, is a healthcare professional who works with biological samples, namely blood samples, urine samples, stool samples in order to aid in the diagnosis of various medical … More details

Medical Coding & Billing

The Medical Coding & Billing program is for those who want to work as future medical coding specialists, medical billing officers, medical abstracters, coding compliance auditors, medical office managers, medical reimbursement officers and medical collection supervisors, which are some of … More details

Medical Assisting

In order for doctors to focus on diagnosing and treating their patients, they need assistants to take care of other tasks, such as documentation and billing, as well as assist in their own tasks, such as helping to conduct patient … More details

Massage Therapy

Aside from providing relaxation and reducing stress, massage can do a lot of wonders for the body, including providing pain relief, rehabilitating injuries and improving blood circulation. In the Massage Therapy Program, you will learn how to help other people … More details