Military And ROTC

The Military/ROTC program is a preparation program for those who want to join the ranks of the military, whether the Army, Air Force or Naval Force, which is divided into basic and advanced courses. The basic courses cover the history … More details

Life Skills And Hobbies

Life Skills/Hobbies are actually not programs but short courses which are not unaccredited or part of the official school curriculum but can provide valuable learning experiences that one can use for a lifetime. For example, you can learn cooking so … More details

Teacher Education

If you don’t have a specific group of students to teach in mind or want to become a versatile educator, you might want to consider enrolling in a Teacher Education program, which will basically train you on how to become … More details

Special Education

Everyone is entitled to education, even those born with disabilities. Those with disabilities, though, cannot learn in the same way or pace as others and as such, have special needs when it comes to education, which is what the Special … More details

Secondary Education

If you want to educate students in the secondary level or high school, whether in junior high or senior high, the Secondary Education program will give you all the training you need. You will start off by learning the basics … More details

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program focuses on teaching English to those who do not practice it as their native language. As such, it consists of two parts – understanding different cultures and teaching the basics of the … More details

Elementary Education

If your dream has always been to teach students in elementary school, which is referred to in some countries as middle school, then you need to enroll in an Elementary Education program. In this program, you will start by learning … More details

Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program is another postgraduate program offered to those who have already started a career in Education, particularly geared towards those who seek an administrative post. Core courses include leadership theories, leadership ethics, management of education personnel, both … More details

Early Childhood Education

Studies show that the early years of childhood are actually the most important in personal development, as well as in education, and the Early Childhood Education program is designed specifically to support a child’s development during these crucial years. The … More details

Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction program is usually offered as a postgraduate program for those who have already finished a degree in Education, whether Elementary or Secondary Education, or those who are already employed as teachers in various educational institutions, in … More details