Paralegal And Legal Support

In general, paralegals are persons who assist lawyers, government departments, community agencies and corporations in legal matters, although their exact roles vary from one setting to another, and even from one country or state to another. Like lawyers, paralegals can … More details

Law Enforcement And Security

The Law Enforcement/Security program is another option for those who want to be a part of the public law enforcement force or a private security firm, and provides even more intensive, hands-on training than Criminal Justice Administration, in fact. In … More details

Law Degree

Lawyers, both in the private and public sectors, all hold a law degree and if you want to be numbered among them, you’ll need one, as well. The Law Degree program teaches you all about the law, which is not … More details

Homeland Security And Public Safety

Following the terrorist attacks on the US in September 11, 2001, the United States and various countries all over the world established a homeland security agency, and the Homeland Security/Public Safety program was shortly after incorporated into universities with the … More details


If you’ve watched the TV show ‘CSI’, then you have a pretty good idea of what you will learn from studying in a Forensics program. Indeed, you will spend most of your time in the lab – nearly every class, … More details

Fire Protection

Fire Protection programs are for those who want to become firefighters who prevent and suppress fire so that it does not take away lives and damage property. Students start off by learning about the basics of fire protection, such as … More details

Criminal Justice Administration

If you dream of protecting the innocent by ensuring public safety, whether as a member of the police force who apprehends criminals or protects the border, or as a member of a private security firm, then you’ll want to enroll … More details

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation programs take you step by step in investigating crime, from searching, recording and gathering evidence at the crime scene, to interviewing witnesses and analyzing the evidence using various theories and modern equipment, finding sources of information and then … More details

Court Reporting

The role of court reporters, also known as court stenographers, is often overlooked in the justice system, just as they are overshadowed in court rooms by judges, lawyers, defendants, plaintiffs, jurors and witnesses. Court reporters, however, are very important since … More details

Criminal Justice and Legal Programs

Criminal Justice and Legal programs are for those who want to be part of the justice and legal system, whether as lawyers who specialize in various aspects of the law in both the public and private sectors, as paralegals who … More details