Project Management

Project management is one of the types of organizational management, but usually has its own program because of its importance in any business organization. Indeed, project management is necessary for the success of any project, and the Project Management program … More details

Organizational Management

Some universities incorporate Organizational Management into their Management programs. Others, however, offer it as a separate program, which is sometimes called Organizational Development and Management. This program focuses on organizational behavior and leadership, particularly on how to make decisions based … More details


MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which is considered one of the most prestigious post-graduate programs available, with many business executives, especially those at a the top of corporate ladders, as well as political leaders, among those who have … More details


Most people understand marketing as the introduction of goods and services to the market or the promotion of certain products. However, marketing begins way before this, starting from the conception of the product based on existing customer needs and wants … More details

International Business

Most top companies nowadays are multinational with operations spread all over the globe, which is why studying in an International Business program gives you an edge. Some of the courses covered by this program include international business principles, international business … More details

Human Resources

A company’s workforce is its most valuable resource, which is why every company has a specific department that makes sure it has enough people by recruiting new people to fill in vacant posts and making sure existing employees remain in … More details

Hospitality And Tourism

Hospitality/Tourism programs put a focus on providing excellent services for tourists, both local and international, in order to further the success of a business establishment in the hospitality or tourism industry and to advance the entire tourism sector as a … More details


If you would rather start your own business venture so you can be your own boss rather than work in someone else’s, then you should look into an Entrepreneurship program, which will equip you with all the knowledge you need … More details


Economics is defined as the study of the production, distribution and consumption of resources, which encompasses both material goods and services, and this is exactly what Economics programs enable you to fully understand, preparing your for a job in the … More details


Communications programs train students in various aspects of communication. These have business communication courses for those who want to enter the corporate world as part of the communications department, training them in business writing, presiding over meetings, preparing business presentations … More details