Web Design And Multimedia

Web design and multimedia design jobs are currently some of the most in demand, and if you want to seize one of these jobs, there is no better way to have an edge than to finish a Web Design/Multimedia program. … More details

Photography And Film Studies

Some universities combine Photography and Film Studies into a single program while others offer them separately. Photography programs provide intensive training in photography, beginning with the basic photography techniques and concepts before moving on to advanced techniques and specialized training … More details

Performing Arts

Some schools, especially those that specialize in the performing arts, offer separate Dance, Music and Drama programs. Most, however, offer a consolidated Performing Arts program for those who love being on stage which combines courses in music such as commercial … More details

Interior Design

Whereas Architecture programs focus on designing the structure and exterior of residential and commercial spaces, Interior Design programs provide training in designing the inside of these spaces in order to utilize each space more effectively and make it more attractive. … More details

Graphic And Visual Arts

Graphic design is defined as the combination of various artistic elements in order to convey a certain message, which is why it is also known as visual communication or visual presentation. By enrolling in Graphic/Visual Arts programs, you will have … More details

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program is for those who have a natural inclination towards the arts, as well as the talent to go with it. In fact, if you wish to enter this program, you will often be required to present … More details

Fashion Design And Merchandising

Fashion Design/Merchandising programs are for those who are aiming to be a part of the fashion industry, whether as store managers, fashion editors, visual merchandisers, buyers or fashion designers, of course. Both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising provide an understanding … More details


Drafting focuses on drafting residential scale buildings, which is why it is also called Residential Drafting. It is also closely related to architecture, and in fact, can be used as a pathway to a degree in Architecture, which is why … More details

Audio And Visual Production

Also known as Audio-Visual Technology in some universities, the Audio/Visual Production program provides you with the basic knowledge and training you need to work in the backstage at a live event or behind the camera in a screen event. In … More details

Architecture And Urban Planning

Architecture/Urban Planning programs focus on the foundations of building design, both for residential and commercial purposes. As such, you will be studying about the basic codes and standards, as well as the latest technologies in building design. You will also … More details